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Radio National-Sporty-Pickleball 20th Feb 2021


Pickleball is a paddle sport played using a perforated, plastic ball over a tennis-type net on a badminton-sized court. The game can be played in a singles or doubles format. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn!

The Basics

To begin play, the ball is served diagonally crosscourt in an underhand motion without bouncing the ball in the server's court.

Points are scored by the serving side only and occur when the opponent faults (fails to return the ball, hits ball out of bounds, etc.). The server continues to serve, alternating service courts, until the serving side faults. The first side scoring 11 points and leading by at least a 2-point margin wins. If both sides are tied, then play continues until one side wins by 2 points.


Service always begins on the right-hand court, and alternates between the left- and right-hand court after each point scored by the serving side. The serve switches after a fault is made by the serving side. In a doubles format, the serve switches to the 1st server's partner before switching to the opposing team.


Double Bounce Rule

Following the serve, each side must make at least one ground-stroke, prior to volleying the ball (hitting it out of the air).

Non-Volley Zone ("The Kitchen")

A player cannot volley a ball while standing within the non-volley zone.

Line Calls

If any part of the ball lands on the court lines, it is considered in (except in the case of the Non-Volley Line)

First Serve

To begin a new game, only one partner from the first serving side is only allowed to serve. After the first fault, the serve switches to the opposing side.


NOT some sort of cucumber.

It was invented in 1965 in Washington USA

Three dads – whose kids were bored with their usual summertime activities are credited for creating the game.

The most commonly accepted version of the origin of the name was that the family dog Pickles would chase after errant balls and then hide them in the bushes., thus Pickle’s ball (later shortened to PICKLEBALL)

Pickleball itself is a fantastic game for all age groups. It is promoted as a safe, fun game that is easy to learn and even easier to improve one’s skills. It’s played on a court similar in size to badminton using a paddle and a hard plastic orange-sized hollow ball.

This ‘GAME YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF’ has lately swept thru’ America Canada India Queensland - has made its way to Perth, Fremantle -and last November – a small group started in Bunbury resuming after a COVID recess only last month.

The inaugural BUNBURY PICKLEBALL GROUP clutching their paddles and ball listening to instructions…


BOB WHITE – (an accredited IPTPA Level 1 instructor, gold and silver winner in 2 Australian Open tournaments – a tournament in Glasgow and the WA championships in Perth), has to date travelled down from Perth on 3 occasions to hold  beginner clinics in the Bunbury Badminton Centre with plans for a third on the 8th July.

 BOB pictured with his mixed Doubles Partner at The Australian Open in Brisbane last year.

We are fortunate to have Bob – a Bunbury boy – whose family still live here – willing to come down to promote the game.

The encouragement from Nigel Smith – President of the Bunbury Badminton Association and their wonderful maintenance man Bryn Tournay of Bunbury Appliances has also been instrumental in enabling us to have an affordable venue.

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