Badminton WA reconvened AGM-24th September 2023

Sep 24, 2023
Badminton WA held a very short meeting today to complete the financial reporting/ auditing requirements for the 2022 year. Of interest is the Annual report as to what's being achieved at a state level by a small but dedicated Board and Committee. The...

Life membership presentation-Vivienne Italiano

Sep 22, 2023
Life membership.On Monday evening, the 18th September, a number of special presentations were held.Quite apart from the Grand Final for Winter Pennants 2023 (see separate post) and subsequent awards a little subterfuge was enacted to include one of o...

Winter Pennants 2023 Finals presentations

Sep 21, 2023
Monday the 18th September saw teams come together fight out for the Pennant or just for team pride at the culmination of the 2023 Winter Pennants season.Forrest Dental, who had lead the competition for nearly all of the season, came up against second...

Winter Pennants 2023 Week 15

Sep 11, 2023
At the end of the 3rd round, and with finals on next week, please see results from this week's matches.Please note there was an error in the adding of points and games totals in last weeks total results. This did not affect the games won and lost and...

Winter Pennants 2023 Week 14

Sep 05, 2023
One week of the round to go. This week's results-

Winter Pennants 2023 Week 13

Sep 04, 2023
Results from this week's competition.

Albany tournament 2023

Sep 03, 2023
Players from Bunbury, Perth, Southwest and Great Southern traveled to Albany to participate in their annual tournament. Teams were picked based on the most even mix of skills and pitted against each other over the weekend of 5th & 6th August.

Winter Pennants 2023 Week 12

Aug 23, 2023
Results for this week.

Winter Pennants 2023 Week 11

Aug 16, 2023
Results for Pennants week 11 and updated leader board.

Winter Pennants 2023 Week 6

Jun 27, 2023
Results for this week.

Winter Pennants 2023 Week 5

Jun 19, 2023
Results from this week.

LiveLighter Country Carnival 2023

Jun 14, 2023
Eight players traveled to Perth on the weekend of the 3/4 June to participate in an invigorated Country Carnival. With a modified format to encourage more player involvement teams accrued points by the efforts of players nominating in individual doub...

Winter Pennants 2023 Week 4

Jun 12, 2023
Results for this week.

Winter Pennants 2023 Week 3

Jun 05, 2023
Results for this week.

Winter Pennants 2023 Week 2

Jun 05, 2023
Results for this week.

Winter Pennants 2023 Week 1

May 22, 2023
Hi Everyone,Please see attached results from week 1.As a result of the no-show of one player last week and the inclusion of substitute players from other teams to make up the games, we determined that the end result would stand, with individual point...

Life Membership-Rosemary Smith 16th May 2023

May 15, 2023
So today this happened. After Pennants this evening, under the eyes of the majority of our pennant players, with Life Members Minnie Italiano and Anne Strachan watching on, a presentation was made. Robert Italiano called on one of our long serving Co...

Winter Pennants 2023 fixtures

May 13, 2023
Hi there all Shuttlers,Winter pennants starts up this Monday, 15th May, at 7pm sharp. To welcome a number of new players this season we are looking to have a supper night at the end of our first night of competition. Please bring along a plate of nib...

Bunbury Badminton Association 50th Celebration lunch

May 03, 2023
On the 29th of April 2023 our Association invited all Life Members, past & present Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, Junior, Colts, State & National representatives along with many valued contributors to lunch at the Bunbury Dolphin Dis...

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Finals

Mar 20, 2023
Well what a night it has been!! All of our teams played off to determine their final place on the ladder.Bunbury Appliances had a comfortable win tonight to relegate Rosemont Park Studs to the bottom of the ladder after the latter took the pennant in...

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 15

Mar 13, 2023
Results of the last round before the finals.

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 14

Feb 28, 2023
Results for week 14No pennants next week due to public holiday

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 13

Feb 21, 2023
Results from this week's matches.

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 12

Feb 15, 2023
Results from this weeks matches

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 11

Feb 06, 2023
Results from tonight's games.

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 10

Jan 30, 2023
Results from this week's matches.

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 9

Jan 24, 2023
A huge thanks to all our reserves this week for stepping up to assist in the ongoing make up of teams. A team effort from SW Isuzu Smashers helped in their win, as they welcomed Kie as a new reserve to our Pennants competition, ov...

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 8

Jan 16, 2023
There was a bit of rust left on our courts tonight as players returned from the Xmas break.A big thanks to our reserves who helped out tonight. A special welcome to Russell R and Ashish who played in our pennants comp for the first time tonight.Bunbu...

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 7

Dec 31, 2022
Results for Summer pennants-12th December 2022.Once again this week, a high number of reserves influenced final results with injury and illness affecting players after along season. Once again, a big thanks to our reserves who stepped up to fill posi...

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 6

Dec 05, 2022
Results for Summer Pennants-5th December 2022

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 5

Nov 28, 2022
A difficult week to fixture tonight with six reserves required to complete teams. A big thanks to those reserves for coming in to assist tonight. We even solicited the Tooth Fairy (Daniel Tham) to play. He was a part of some epic battles in the match...

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 4

Nov 27, 2022
Some interesting results this week with games impacted by a number of factors.Bunbury Appliances had a cracker of a match against The soul Team with the result down to only 3 aces. A great team effort, particularly from the Soul Team, who, after a sl...

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 3

Nov 16, 2022
Another interesting week of pennants completed this week, one that is giving selectors some sleepless nights and scratching of heads. A high number of reserves this week impacted on the results of 2 of the 3 matches played this week.Rosemont Par...

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 2

Nov 07, 2022
The second week of Summer pennants produced a rare drawn match between Bunbury Appliances and SW Isuzu Smashers. Games won and points scored were even, meaning each team was awarded 1/2 match point each.The Soul Team had a strong win over Smack That,...

Summer Pennants 2022-23 Week 1 including fixtures

Oct 31, 2022
A great start to the summer season tonight with players settling in to their new team.Bunbury Appliances started off strongly with a hard fought win over Smack That. A lot of laughs coming from that end of the Centre that night-great to hear.SW Isuzu...

Big Smash 2022

Oct 30, 2022
So the Big Bash for 2022 has been played and won.A great day with some frenetic baddy played throughout the tournament along with lots of laughs. Games were played in good spirit over the course of the tournament with presentations and light meals he...

Summer Pennants 2023-23 teams

Oct 30, 2022
Hi Everyone,Thanks to the few that turned up for trials night. Seeing folks play prior to the commencement of the season helps to ensure the Pennants team has a handle on each players skills and assists in the difficult task of forming even teams.We...

Winter Pennants 2022 Grand Final night

Sep 20, 2022
Winners are grinners.Well Winter pennants is over for another season and we're pleased and proud to announce our winners for this year.Rosemont Park Studs came out on top, after leading the table for all but one week of the season Congratulations go...

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 15 results

Sep 14, 2022
So the end of the season is nigh. With the leader board set to deliver a great tussle for the Pennant its down to pride for the teams on Grand Final night next week.Some really interesting results in the individual points winners- well deserved! All...

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 14 results

Sep 07, 2022
So the final two teams have been decided for the Grand Final in two week's time. Next week's games will be the final for the round and will decide minor place-getters and impact final individual points tallies.

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 13 results

Sep 05, 2022
With two weeks to go until the Final the minor pennant looks like going to Rosemont Park Studs. Who they will play is still within reach of Smash and Dash, with Bunbury Appliances a clear favourite at this late stage in the season. Given these two...

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 12 results

Aug 24, 2022
Bunbury Appliances continued their good form this week to complete a convincing win over the SW Isuzu Smashers. Captain Lee Scurlock fought hard to lift his team against a rampant Nathan Campbell and Chris Choi, who each won all five of their games f...

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 11 results

Aug 15, 2022
A big thanks to our reserves tonight and a special welcome to first-time reservist, Daniel Hamon, who played well for his 3 wins from 5 games. He may not realise it yet but Daniel featured on our Facebook Live broadcast tonight so he can admire his m...

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 10 results

Aug 15, 2022
Results for week 10.

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 9 results

Aug 03, 2022
Results for week 9

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 8 results

Jul 25, 2022
Matches this week were all close affairs despite the game scores at the end of the evening. Bunbury Appliances put up a strong showing against current powerhouse team Rosemont Park. An epic game between Nathan Campbell and Thomas Rowland saw eve...

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 7 results

Jul 19, 2022
This week's matches saw a top of the table clash, with current leaders, Rosemont Park, gain revenge on Forrest Dental after their clash in the first round. Rosemont won convincingly with notable contributions from youngster Derek and veteran Robert.A...

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 6 results

Jun 27, 2022
Tonight saw two teams really struggle to light up the courts, being overwhelmed by their opposition. Led by their team captain, Billy, Forrest Dental had a strong win against SW Isuzu Smashers, with the latter only managing 2 wins on a tough night fo...

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 5 results

Jun 20, 2022
Tonight's matches saw Rosemont Park have a night out against a depleted Smash and Dash, Forrest Dental too strong for Bunbury Appliances and SW Isuzu Smashers scrape home against The SWAT Team.

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 4 results

Jun 13, 2022
Well, there was quite a bit of movin' and groovin' on the ladder this week with so many equally placed teams vying for position. Ladder leader Bunbury Appliances held on to top position thanks to a good start to the season, despite their loss tonight...

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 3 results

May 30, 2022
Two of the three ties played tonight resulted in the winner being determined by mere points, illustrating how close the teams are this year.The SWAT team opened their account tonight with a skinny win over Forrest Dental. Two games went to resets and...

Winter Pennants 2022 Fixtures

May 23, 2022
Fixtures have now been finalised, after having to miss a week and re-jig the dates. The pennant committee reserve the right to change the make up of teams at the end of the first round to ensure teams remain as balanced as possible.Please take note o...

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 2 results

May 23, 2022
Tonight's matches end scores did not accurately reflect the closeness of the matches. The SWAT Team went down to Smash and Dash 4/8 however the points difference was only 13 aces. Three of their games went to resets and Pan Pan chalked up another sin...

Winter Pennants 2022 Week 1 results

May 22, 2022
A great start to the winter season with a couple of nail-biting ties and a comprehensive win after the completion of the first round.Bunbury Appliances snuck in a win tonight over JJSM's (soon to be renamed Smash and Dash) winning by only 21 points....

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Finals night

Mar 28, 2022
Well, Summer pennants for the 2021/22 season is done and dusted. Rosemont Park, after leading the points tally at the end of the 3 rounds, continued on their strong season's showing by winning comfortably against SW Isuzu Smashers to take the pe...

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Week 15 results

Mar 21, 2022
On the final night of competition for the season prior to the finals Forrest Dental had the chance to knock SW Isuzu Smashers out of the finals. Needing a win by at least 3 games Forrest Dental battled hard and pushed SW Isuzu Smashers on nearly ever...

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Week 14 results

Mar 14, 2022
With two weeks to go until the finals players left it all out on the court tonight. SWAT team fought hard against Forrest Dental with 2  games going to resets.  In the men's singles game Thomas was leading comfortably but was challenged lat...

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Week 13 results

Feb 28, 2022
Rosemont Park confirmed their spot at the top of the table tonight with another win after defeating Forrest Dental convincingly. All players from Rosemont contributed to the win with each winning at least 3 games to contribute to a 9/3 win.The SWAT t...

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Week 12 results

Feb 28, 2022
With thanks to our reserves this week-Gary Hough and John Hang-a strong win by Rosemont Park this week over SW Isuzu Smashers, with the latter feeling the loss of Amit.  Bunbury Appliances chalked up another in this week over Forrest Dental...

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Week 11 results

Feb 14, 2022
A cracker of a match this week between SW Isuzu Smashers and Bunbury Appliances, with the game result split, going down to number of points won.  Special mention here for Pan Pan, who showed her improved game to take out her singles match.The SW...

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Week 10 results

Feb 12, 2022
With this week being the end of the second round a true picture of where teams are placed can be seen. Whilst some of the matches over the last two rounds may have been a little one-sided on the night, the impact of reserves does come in to play. Wit...

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Week 9 results

Feb 12, 2022
A great tousle this week between The SWAT Team and Forrest Dental, with the win coming down to points after games were even. Reece and Brad had the wood over Ace and Thomas in both of their doubles games, although Ace got some revenge in taking out h...

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Week 8 results

Jan 31, 2022
Week eight's matches saw a great close match between ladder leaders, SW Isuzu Smashers going up against the SWAT Team.  With the former losing it's regular No1-Amit-the pressure was always going to be on them to continue their winning ways. Toni...

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Week 7 results

Jan 19, 2022
A very close win tonight for SW Isuzu Smashers saw them draw one match ahead of their closest rivals, Rosemont Park Studs-both having played  6 matches. Fill in Reece had a night out, winning all 5 of his games, whilst Salim and Jesse fought har...

Vale Max Strachan

Jan 12, 2022
Life membership is an honour bestowed on one person but can be attributed to many, according to Bunbury and Districts Badminton Association stalwart, Max Strachan. For Max, the life membership would not have come had it not been for many members....

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Week 6 results

Jan 11, 2022
Back into baddy with a vengeance this week for the first tussle for 2022. A real shake up of the leader board from the ensuing results sees 3 of the 5 teams drawn on 3 wins, with only games won separating them.We farewell Amit Dhanda, who heads off t...

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Week 5 results

Dec 14, 2021
This week's matches signaled the end of the first round and an indicator of where teams are in their quest for this year's pennant.  Nearly all the matches this year to date have been very close affairs and this week's results are no exception.A...

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Week 4 results

Dec 13, 2021
A very close match between Forrest Dental and The SWAT team this week with the final result being decided by mere points. Reece had a night out against his counterpart, combining with his teammates to win four of his five games. Equally though, Miche...

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Week 3 results

Dec 06, 2021
Week three of Pennants saw a convincing win by SW Isuzu Smashers over The SWAT Team with Amit once again showing a clean pair of baddy heels to his opponents with a 5/0 win-loss record. Hats off to Pan Pan, who  won her first singles for this season...

Summer Pennants 2021/22 Week 2 results

Nov 29, 2021
After 2 weeks the leader board is shaping up as very interesting-early days though! 

Summer pennants 2021/22 Week 1 results

Nov 20, 2021
A great first night of Summer pennants competition. Both matches went down to the wire with the Bunbury Appliance/Forrest Dental match hinging on results of the last 2 games. Thomas Rowland had a clean sweep of his games for Forrest Dental.SW Isuzu S...

Summer pennants 2021-22

Nov 14, 2021
Its on again! Summer Pennants team fixtures and formulation of teams has now been completed.Play commences at 7pm on Monday 15th November 2021. The first team on a bye will be team 4-Reece, Brad, Taiyana and Debbie.

Winter Pennants 2021 Finals

Sep 06, 2021
Well, the Winter Pennants Finals for 2021 have been run and won. Minor premiers Rosemont Park showed their class with a comprehensive win on the night over a valiant Forrest Dental. Benesse Boomers completed a strong win over SW Isuzu Smashers with c...

Winter Pennants 2021 week 14

Aug 30, 2021
And at the end of the regular season the Leader board is now complete.  Rosemont Park, so strong through winter, finished on top, giving away only one match after powering through Forrest Dental tonight to well and truly stamp their authori...

Winter Pennants 2021 Week 13

Aug 28, 2021
Another big thanks to our Reserves for filling in for missing players this week as we head towards the end of the Winter Pennants season, with a few bodies feeling the pressure of hard play.  Ladder leaders Rosemont Park suffered the first loss of th...

Winter Pennants 2021 Week 12

Aug 16, 2021
Matches this week had no material impact on team positions on the Pennants ladder. Rosemont Park strengthened their position at the top of the ladder with a strong win over The SWAT Team.  Benesse Boomers captain Steven stood tall to lead h...

Winter Pennants 2021 Week 11

Aug 10, 2021
The completion of this week's matches saw ladder leaders, Rosemont Park Studs, book themselves a place in the finals with a win over Benesse Boomers. Steven and Brad came out firing in their first match against Billy and Branxton, only for the latter...

Winter Pennants 2021 Week 10

Aug 02, 2021
Rosemont Park continued to dominate this week with a strong win over 4th place Smash & Run. Benesse Boomers were fortunate to get away with a win tonight with SWAT Team stand-in, Alan Lim, pushing his opponents hard. Alan had 3 games that went to...

Winter Pennants 2021 Week 9

Jul 26, 2021
A really interesting group of matches tonight with top of the table Rosemont Park taking on seventh place Bunbury Appliances. This match really shows how close our teams are, even though the win/loss number might look black and white.  Games wer...

Winter Pennants 2021 Week 8

Jul 21, 2021
It would seem all teams were playing from the same playbook tonight with all matches completed ending with a 7/5 result. With the ladder leaders on a bye this week the fight was on to secure 2nd spot with 5 of the 7 teams tied on second position...

Winter Pennants 2021 Week 7

Jun 28, 2021
Some ripper games tonight with no less than 9 decided by resets, setting up a fight for positions on the ladder. At the end of the first round, four of the seven teams are jostling for 2nd position, all with a 3/3 win/loss record. Top of the table Ro...

Winter Pennants 2021 Week 6

Jun 21, 2021
Top of the table Rosemont Park Studs showed they deserved their current No 1 position tonight with a strong win over SW Isuzu Smashers. Bunbury Appliances came within a whisker of chalking up their first win, with The SWAT team taking the win 7/5 but...

Winter Pennants 2021 Week 5

Jun 14, 2021
On such a cold evening there were a few engines that were slow to start on the court tonight which seemed to have been reflected in the game scores. Benesse Boomers had a return to form with a win over Bunbury Appliances whilst top-of-the-table...

Winter Pennants 2021 Week 4

May 31, 2021
A fight to the death it seemed tonight between SW Isuzu Smashers and The SWAT team with games won tied and the last pairs in the match doing enough for the Smashers to scrape home with a hard fought win. Amit had a good night out for the Smashers, wi...

Winter Pennants 2021 Week 3

May 24, 2021
Another great night of competition with the SWAT Team sneaking over the line with a good win over Benesse Boomers-it could have gone either way by the scores. Forrest Dental opened their win bin, chalking up a strong win against SW Isuzu Smashers. A...

Winter Pennants 2021 Week 2

May 17, 2021
This week's matches saw a hard fought, yet one-sided win by Rosemont Park. The two other matches were both extremely close, with both potentially going either way. Smash and Run went down to SW Isuzu Smashers by a nail-biting 1 point whilst The Swat...

Winter Pennants 2021

May 07, 2021
Hi Everyone, Pennant teams have now been finalised and are detailed below. A big thanks to all who nominated this year-the best numbers we've had for pennants in a while!!Please take careful note of the team on the bye next week-Rosemont Park-no...

Association membership for 2021

Apr 20, 2021
Hi Everyone,The new process for online affiliation in 2021 is now live and available. Click on this link- and it will take you to the Revolutionise Sport Bunbury Badminton website.You will need your...

Summer pennants 2020-21 Week 10 Results

Mar 17, 2021
Well another week of good baddy with a 6/6 draw going down to points-won to determine the winner in one match. Some additional winners also tonight with prizes awarded to Liliana, Thomas, Pan Pan, Michelle, Robert and Amy for good sportsmanship and c...

Summer pennants 2020-21 Week 9 results

Mar 08, 2021
All games were dedicated and played tonight in memory of Shane Partridge, remembered for his cheeky and fun loving play style, along with his past involvement and service within our Association!After a week off it was nice to be back on the courts. R...

March Council Meeting

Mar 07, 2021
Monthly council meeting this Tues 9th March 2021, 6:30pm prompt start at baddy centre! All welcome :)

Summer pennants 2020-21 Week 8 results

Feb 24, 2021
A great night of badminton tonight with a strong win for the Rainbow Rockies whilst the ladder leader was pushed all the way to scrape home with the win.

Summer pennants 2020-21 Week 7 Results

Feb 15, 2021
There were some great games tonight along with some unexpected results that culminated with a fascinating reshuffle of the Pennants leaders board.

Summer pennants 2020-21 week 6 results

Feb 14, 2021
Some great games this week with the results providing a clear leader on the board for the first time this season.  


Feb 05, 2021
Good news all, with lockdown restrictions ceasing at 6pm tonight (Friday 05/02/21), use of our facility can go back to usual (pre lockdown arrangements).Please be reminded to practice the following when at the baddy centre: ⁃ Complete the mandatory C...

Shuttletime Coaching course

Feb 04, 2021
 ‘Shuttle Time’ is the Badminton World Federation (BWF) schools and community programme supporting the principle of active lifestyle and sport participation for people of all ages -and successful completion of the ShuttleTime course will prov...

Government Lockdown

Jan 31, 2021
Unfortunately due to current government restrictions, access to our badminton centre is closed until Friday 5th February until 6pm.  Further announcements will be made in coming days. 

Summer pennants 2020-21 Week 5 Results

Jan 25, 2021
Some great games again seen tonight. Great to see some new faces filling in as reserves-welcome particularly Amit, Maria and Janette-did a sterling job.  The competition continued off the court upstairs with some spirited games of table ten...

Summer pennants 2020-21 Week 4 Results

Jan 20, 2021
Some close games this week with some hard fought games. Forrest Dental, Rainbow Rockies and Bunbury Appliances all came away with a win. 

Summer pennants 2020-21

Jan 17, 2021
Hi Pennants players, After the need to change teams last week due to reserves required we've this week reviewed them again in light of returning players.  A new team snap shot is shown below. 

Bunbury Badminton's Container For Change

Jan 14, 2021
Hi Everyone, Bunbury Badminton have just set up a link to assist in fundraising by utilising the “Containers For Change” plastic bottle and can return recently introduced by the State Government. Eligible containers can be returned for a refu...

Junior Badminton 2021

Jan 14, 2021
Junior Badminton 2021  Due to popular demand, Junior social evening will recommence for 2021 on Wednesday, January 20th at 6pm. Come on down for a social hit under the supervision of one of our coaches. Cost remains $5 for visitors and...

Summer pennants 2020-21 Week 3 Results

Jan 14, 2021
This week's results saw a very close match between Ace Smashers and Rosemont Park Studs, with the result coming down to a count back on points won. Although they were hard-fought, the other two matches saw Rainbow Rockies and Bunbury Appliances emerg...

Summer pennants 2020-21 Week 2 Results

Dec 17, 2020
Week 2 saw some reserves being brought into play, influencing some matches. An awesome first appearance match for Yan Pan against Melvin with an eventual 23-21 win for Yan Pan-well done and stay tuned for the rematch in round 2. Some interesting earl...

Badminton WA tournament Calendar 2021 draft

Dec 10, 2020
Hi all you Shuttlers,We've attached a copy of the latest draft released by Badminton WA for the 2021 season. As you can see our Association has moved our SouthWest Bunbury Open back to earlier in the year-March 27/28. Lock that in your calendar becau...

Summer pennants 2020-21 Week 1 Results

Dec 09, 2020
So after the first night of competition it was incredible to see how close all the matches were-I've never seen anything like it. All matches were drawn on games with only a few points separating the winner from the runner up. A great night!!!

A Shout out to Mark Dhu

Dec 03, 2020
In the last couple of weeks one of our newest Committee members took it upon himself to do a bit of old fashioned fundraising at the baddy groups he plays at. Mark's efforts raised $50 in no time at all so thanks to him and all those who chipped...

Summer pennants 2020-21 teams announced!

Dec 02, 2020
Hi Everyone details of this year's Summer pennants teams are now complete. Thanks to everyone who nominated- we have some new players involved so make them welcome. To those who missed out your name has been added to our reserves list. The Pennants O...

Winter Pennants 2020 Week 14

Nov 21, 2020
Results from this week

Winter Pennants 2020 Week 15

Nov 21, 2020
Results from this week

Presentation to Donna Carlson 16th November 2020

Nov 21, 2020
Prior to the Winter Pennants 2020 Grand Final we invited Donna Carlson, one of our retiring volunteer junior coaches, to attend.Our head coach, Robert Italiano, presented Donna with a letter of appreciation and a laser engraved glass plaque as a toke...

Winter Pennants 2020 Grand Final results

Nov 20, 2020
Congratulations to the winners and condolences to the teams that fought hard but missed out on the final accolade.The final placement of teams was as follows:Forrest Dental: Reece Wright, Julien Bradford, Ernie Sunga, Madison BailMark's Milkers: Mark...

Winter Pennants 2020 Week 13

Oct 30, 2020

Winter Pennants 2020 Week 12

Oct 21, 2020

Winter Pennants 2020 week 11

Oct 19, 2020

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